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Deb Merrill, NeuroMuscular Therapist  
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Self Care Information

Most muscle injuries and pain can benefit from small changes in daily life.
My Self Care sheets outline tips and techniques for staying injury free and practical changes that can facilitate your natural healing process .

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Your Happy Feet


Your Happy Knees

Your Happy Knees

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"Treat your body like a fabulous car that needs to stay in good shape for 90 years!"

with a pillow between your knees and ankles to keep your hips open and relaxed.

a pillow at night and keep your chin slightly up to relax your neck and upper back muscles.

your core muscles by holding a "Plank" position on the floor, suspended between your toes and forearms until you reach fatigue. Try the "Pointing Dog" by starting on your hands and knees, then raising your left arm and right leg straight out from your body and holding until fatigue. Repeat with the right arm and left leg. These exercises can decrease low back fatigue, help posture and improve balance.

can strengthen your chest, back, neck and help with good posture, without going to a gym! Do 10-30 push ups every other day, standing on your toes at the kitchen sink. With your hands dipping into the sink (easier on your wrists), push away with your stomach then lower down squeezing your shoulder blades together. Look out the window for correct head position, keep your neck long and shoulders down.